How does automatic promotion work?

– The service likes and follows targeted users automatically according to specified settings. Prospect followers receive notifications and visit your page. If they consider your content interesting, they follow you.

Refer to Guide section to get more information about our service.

How many followers can I get with your service?

– It depends on several aspects:

  1. To get maximum targeted users interested in your products and services, you should apply the correct settings.
  2. Your account should provide high-quality content updated on a regular basis. We recommend you to create a new post once a day.
  3. Continuous promotion plays an important role. However, the promotion can be interrupted due to several reasons. For example, Instagram will block one of your actions, or will require you to confirm your phone number.

Does your service attract live users, or bots?

– You will get only live followers. Bots and commercial accounts will follow you regardless of our service.

Is it safe? Would my account be blocked?

– Yes, it’s safe, if you follow our recommendations. Here are some of them:

  • It is not recommended to use our service and other third party services simultaneously.
  • If you have used another service provider, it is necessary to wait for 24 hours before to run our service.
  • It is not recommended to act on your own (like, follow, unfollow), when using our service.
  • Do not perform any actions in your account, when our service is running.
  • Try not to sign in to your account from different devices and IP addresses (use not more than 3 IP addresses).
  • We recommend you to link your Instagram account to your Facebook account.
  • Specify your phone number in your Instagram account. It is required to avoid constant confirmations by phone.

In case of new accounts:

  • Consider all aforementioned recommendations
  • Create minimum 9 posts
  • Always create caption and use hashtags with each new publication
  • Post once in two days, once a day will be even more better
  • Publish not more than 3 photos at a time, and not more than 6 photos a day
  • Fill in "Name" field in your Instagram profile
  • Start the promotion from likes, and use "follow" option a week after

Can I try the service for free?

– Yes. 3-day free trial is available for each account added in to our service.

How many likes, followings, unfollowings does the service provide?

– The number of actions largely depends on Instagram. Different accounts have different action limits defined by Instagram. On average, our service provides:

  1. Up to 1 000 likes
  2. Up to 1 000 followings
  3. Up to 1 200 unfollowings

What are the limits on Instagram?

– Limit is the maximum number of actions per day (likes, followings, unfollowings) allowed by Instagram.

Does your service require my PC to be powered and to maintain a constant Internet connection?

– No, our service is running on our servers and does not depend on your computer and Internet access.

Will the service continue promotion, if I close my browser and sign out DO INSTA account?

– Yes, the service will continue working, even if you close the browser and sign out your account.

How does your service differ from the services provided by advertising agencies?

– Regardless of the quality of services provided by advertising agencies, we can outline 2 significant differences:

  1. Cost of service
    In most cases, advertising agencies use third party promotion services, too complicated to be used by newbies. For this reason, the common customers are forced to employ the services of such agencies, which add extra charges.
  2. Control
    In most cases, when you use the services of the advertising agencies, you are unable to monitor the promotion activity and target audience, and to introduce changes online. Our service is free from such shortages.

How much does the automatic promotion cost?

– Monthly service fee makes 30$ per one account. Besides, we offer significant discounts to those, who pay for several months in advance. Refer to “Payment” section in your profile to get more information.

How many accounts can I promote with your service at once?

– You can add multiple accounts.

What payment methods do you accept?

– You can use one of the following payment methods:

  1. Bank card (Visa/Mastercard)
  2. Yandex money
  3. QIWI
  4. Webmoney
  5. Bill or invoice for legal entities

Do you offer any discounts?

– Yes, we offer significant discounts to those, who pay for several months in advance. Refer to "Payment" section in your profile to get more information.

I can’t add Instagram account. Invalid Login Password error message appears. What should I do?

– Instagram has likely reset your password. Check your email provided at Instagram account registration. Use a link sent to your email to recover your password, or recover it, using "Forgot" button in your Instagram mobile app.

The password reset link is sent to email address, but I have no access to it. What should I do?

– Unfortunately, in such case you are unable to restore the access to your account. Follow this link to contact Instagram support service.

I received an email from Instagram telling me that the password has been reset due to suspicious activity. What should I do?

– Don’t worry! Just follow the link provided in the email and change your password. Don’t forget to specify new password in our service. You may receive such mails for various reasons, for example, in case you visit your account from 3 and more different devices or IP addresses.

I have launched the promotion, but nothing happens. What should I do?

– It’s likely that the service is unable to find the users, matching your criteria. For example, check that the maximum value specified in the field “filter by followings” is not equal to “10”, as there are few live Instagram users with with less than 10 followings. The same is with “filter by followers” option.

Besides, be sure to add sufficient number of hashtags and users for related promotion options. When using “promote by followers” option, the customers often choose one or two users with small number of followers: 1,000, or so. It can be too difficult for our service to find the users among those few thousand followers, who match specified criteria. The same is with hashtags.

In case your settings are correct, contact us via our feedback form, or mail at support@doinsta.com

The actions are performed, but the growth of followers is still slow. What is the reason for that?

  1. Be sure that you have selected “follow” option. “Follow” option brings up to 80% of all followers.
  2. Probably the settings are wrong and do not allow the service to select the target audience. For example, if you promote by hashtags, be sure that the hashtags selected by you match your TA. The same is with promotion by followers: be sure, that followers of the users specified by you match your TA.
  3. Uninteresting content of poor quality in your account may be another reason for slow growth of followers.

Why does Instagram reset my password so often?

– It’s likely that you perform actions in your account simultaneously with our service, or you visit your page from different devices or IP addresses (using different hotspots). Try to sing in to your account from one device and use one hotspot. We also recommend not to perform actions (view, like and follow other users, etc.) simultaneously with our service.
If our recommendations didn’t help you to fix the problem with password reset, pause your promotion for several days.

Too many commercial accounts follow me. What is the reason for that?

– First of all, commercial accounts often use automatic promotion. The more users you follow, the easier it is to find your account, as following someone, you become a follower. However, the fact that too many commercial accounts follow you, doesn’t mean that our service likes and follows such accounts. Even if the service will accidentally like such account, its owner won’t notice it due to automatic promotion.

My promotion campaign was stopped and SMS icon appeared. What does it mean?

– It means that Instagram requires to confirm your phone number. Sign in to your Instagram account on the website or using app, specify your phone number, and wait for a text message with a confirmation code. Enter your code in to the corresponding field on Instagram. After phone phone number confirmation procedure will be complete, click "Start" button to continue the promotion.

Instagram requires phone number confirmation, but I don’t receive SMS. What should I do?

– In case of some cellular operators it is necessary to wait 24 hours or more to receive a confirmation code. If you didn’t receive a text message with confirmation code, try to use another phone number. If the problem still exists, contact our customer service via support@doinsta.com or feedback form.

My promotion campaign was stopped and "Change password" message appeared. What does it mean?

– It means that your password was changed. If you did not change your password, then probably Instagram did it. Check your Instagram email and follow the link sent to you by Instagram. If you have not receive any mail with a link, recover your password, using this link or "Forgot" button in your Instagram mobile app. After you have changed your password, do not forget to change it in our service by clicking "Change password" button.

Why should I use "unfollow" option?

– Instagram limits maximum number of accounts a user can follow. One user can follow a maximum of 7,500 accounts. If you have reached this number, apply "unfollow" option to allow the service to cancel followings. "Follow" option brings up to 80% of all followers.

Why can't I follow more than 7,500 users?

– The number of users you can follow is limited by Instagram. If you have reached this number, apply "unfollow" option to allow the service to cancel followings. "Follow" option brings up to 80% of all followers.

How do I delete my DO INSTA account?

– You can delete your DO INSTA account after its expiration by clicking on cross icon in your profile. If you want to delete your account before expiration, contact us via email support@doinsta.com or feedback form.

I don't want the users to see me constantly subscribing to new accounts. What would you advise me to do?

– Yes, it is widely stated that a great number of followings reduces prospect customer loyalty. However, there is no evidence proving this concept in terms of statistics. If you follow this concept, we recommend you:

  1. Apply only "Like" and avoid "Follow" option.
  2. Apply "Unfollow" option when a certain number of followings will be reached, for example, 2,500 followings.

However, we do not recommend to avoid “Follow” option, as it brings 80% of total new followers. We proved this fact statistically.