Likes vs. Followings

If you have ever tried to promote your Instagram account personally, then you, probably, know that followings return better effect than likes.
If to put 100 likes to different users, then you’ll get about 5 new followers.
If to follow 100 different users, then you’ll get 10-15 new followers.
Of cause, the numbers we have provided above are estimated and largely depend on your business area, content quality, correctly selected target audience, and other parameters.
However, all else being equal, followings lead to more followers than likes.
When we launched our Instagram promotion service for the first time in the test mode, we wondered, how “follow” and “like” actions differ in terms of attraction of the new followers.
Initially, like many other users, we thought that different actions had different effect due to the way they are perceived by Instagram users. “Follow” action is associated with friendship and demonstrates users’ commitment. I.e. by following someone you make him or her more loyal to your personal Instagram account, forcing the opponent to follow you back.
But when we studied the issue from a technical point, we found out that, though “follow” and “like” actions trigger similar notifications, such notifications lead to different results.By clicking on “like” notification a user will be redirected to the post that has received that like. By clicking on “follow” notification a user will be redirected directly to the profile page of a user, who followed him.
And now let’s study our case with automatic promotion. Let’s assume that the service put a like to someone, who has already received another 100 likes. If that recipient clicks on “like” notification, he or she will be redirected to his or her post, and will do one of the following: will look through the people, who put those likes (unlikely action);will visit his or her update page to find out, who put him likes;will do nothing. As the two last reactions are most probable, promotion by likes is somewhat questionable. Promotion by following brings opposite results. By clicking on “follow” notification a user will be redirected directly to your profile page with all related content about your company. If you have really interesting and eye catching content, the chances to be followed by redirected user grow by several-fold.

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