How much does Instagram promotion cost? Promotion costs and pricing.

Any business, a showroom or a floral shop, needs to attract new customers at minimum cost. Instagram can help a business to attract potential customers. But what about the costs?

How much does Instagram promotion campaigns really cost?

Let's imagine that you have an Instagram account with multiple posts. However, you realize that it generates few likes, comments, and orders because you have few followers. This is the first thought that goes through the mind of any user of commercial Instagram account.

What do you do then? You start to search for someone who provides Instagram promotion services on the web. You see that search results include various proposals, both in terms prices and promotion techniques.

For example, some of them include the proposals of digital agencies and freelancers, while certain search results offer training courses, free books and related materials, advices on how to develop an efficient promotion strategy on Instagram.

You begin to read comments, download various materials, search for the prices. Your head is going round from all this information. However, everything is actually much simpler than you think.

First, you need to understand that there are only few efficient Instagram promotion techniques and their cost may vary.

Second, the cost of promotion usually depends on those, who will promote your Instagram account.

Instagram promotion techniques

1. In case of target ads on Instagram (those you see in your news feed marked as “paid ads”), the cost of promotion starts from $5 and depends on your budget.

In this case, it doesn’t matter whether you, or third-party agency carry out ad campaign, the costs will be the same. The agency will get % of your ad budget from Facebook (for those not in the know: Instagram belongs to Facebook).

2. If you want to post your ad content in other Instagram accounts, the cost of promotion will be calculated on a price-per-post base. Usually one post costs $1-10, depending on the number of followers of an account, in which the ad is placed.

3. In case of automated promotion technique that allows your account to like and follow target users, the cost of promotion directly depends on third party agency, offering respective services.

At the moment there are a lot of market players offering automated promotion services. 90% of them are digital agencies and freelancers. The cost of promotion varies from $50 to $500. Large variation in prices can be explained by the amount of profit a player wants to get. It’s not a secret that all players offer the same service on target automated Instagram account promotion. Surely, there are a lot of sound players. But are you ready to pay 5-10 times more for the things that you can do yourself.

We have created Do Insta service for automated account promotion on Instagram to allow all users to tune up and launch their own campaigns and to control the quality of promotion.

The agencies use the same promotion apps and services adding extra charges to your bills. We offer you $15/month price plan, i.e. you’ll pay about $0.5 a day for successful promotion of your business on Instagram. You will get thousands of new followers just for $15 per month, spending several minutes online.

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