How to confirm Instagram account?

Why does Instagram require to confirm my account?

Let's imagine that you have created a new Instagram account with your own login and password. We will sign in your account with the same login and password, but from another IP address. IP address, or proxy is a network address, used to make actions, i.e. to add likes, follow and unfollow other Instagram users.

In this case, Instagram will trigger its security check to ensure that those actions have been performed by you. And that’s ok with that.

How to confirm the account?

— via dedicated Do Insta page:

After you have added your account in Do Insta, choose a confirmation method: by phone or by e-mail. The service will use phone number or e-mail address linked to your Instagram account. Be sure that you can access them. It is necessary to enter a code sent to you via SMS or e-mail message on the following page and click on «Confirm the account» button.

— via Instagram app or web site:

You may also use Instagram app or web site to perform the aforementioned confirmation procedures.

After that, it is necessary to sing in to your Instagram account via app or web site to make sure that it is accessible. If you do not sign in to your account and simply return to our service, then Instagram will ask you to confirm your account once more. Do not create the endless circle.

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