How to find the competitors for effective Instagram account promotion?

In this article we will tell you, how to find the competitors to promote your Instagram account in the most efficient way.
If you prefer to promote your account by competitors, our service will find all Instagram users (your competitors), specified by you. Then it will put likes or follow such users.
To organize Instagram account promotion in the most efficient way, first of all, you need to find all competitors’ accounts, which offer similar services or products, or which are followed by your target audience.
We recommend to specify at least 10 competitors with at least 10 000 followers. It is very important to use public (open) accounts, not private ones. It is also important to make sure your account is not in their black list.
You can find the competitor via Instagram search using its web version or mobile app. As a rule, every business owner knows his or her direct rivals. So, it won’t be a problem to find them on Instagram. Go to Instagram web site or application, sign up with your account, and enter your competitor’s name. For example:

Then copy the account name and add it to our service on the settings tab. Optionally, you can copy the link to the account and paste it to the corresponding field on the settings tab.

Copy the link:

Paste the copied link on the settings tab:

But what to do, if you do not know your competitors, or cannot find their sufficient number.

You can do one of the following:

  • Do Internet research (use Google or Yandex search tools), then do Instagram research.
  • This is a time consuming method, and it does not guarantee perfect results.
  • Alternatively, you can find your competitors using Instagram hashtags.
    Think about the hashtags, which can be used by your competitors with their posts, and enter them into the search box. Use the search results to find more rivals.
Let’s consider how to search for the competitors with Instagram hashtags.

Imagine, you have a beauty salon in San Diego. Therefore, you should search for competing beauty salons to allow the service to process their followers.

Do the following:

1. Enter #sandiegonails hashtags into the search box

Check for the results

More than 21 thousand posts are found.

2. Click on any found publication:
In the appeared window click on the account name.

You will be redirected to the corresponding account’s page.

3. Copy the name or link:

...and paste it on the settings tab.

It is as simple as ABC. In our example, we have found the competitor with 288.000 followers. This method allows to find dozens of competitors in a matter of minutes.

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