How to promote newly created Instagram accounts

If you signed into your Instagram account recently and would like to get more followers with the help of our service, you should take into consideration some features:

The issue is that the accounts, which are less than 3 months old, could be deleted (permanently blocked) by Instagram administration in case of infringing its terms and conditions.

In this post we are going to tell you, how to setup safe Instagram account promotions to attract lots of followers.
However, we recommend to read this article first. It describes temporary access blockings and contains many useful recommendations for all types of accounts.

So, lets consider the case of newly created accounts.

Before you launch the promotion:
1. Verify your e-mail. This can be done by following the link that was sent to your Instagram e-mail address.
2. Specify your mobile phone number in your Instagram profile.
3. Tie your Instagram account to maximum possible number of various social networks.
Two most important recommendations:
4. Do not enable “Follow” option. Promote your account with “Likes” option only for now.

5. Post to your Instagram account regularly (minimum once per two days).

Once 2-3 weeks pass after you had launched the promotion, then gradually add some follows:
6. Do not follow more than 500 accounts per week. Gradually increase this number to the maximum (to 1000 followings). Use additional settings tab to configure this parameter (short screen).

By following these simple rules, you will be able to keep your Instagram account safe and to attract lots of users.

Essentially, to use all benefits of promotion, you have to wait for 2-3 weeks after registration of your Instagram account. Of course, at first you should sacrifice your follower growth rate , as “Likes” option will not provide the same growth rate as “Follow” option (read more here). But your account won’t be deleted.

Wishing you a successful promotion!

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