How to select the hashtags for effective Instagram account promotion?

In this article we will tell you, how to select the hashtags to promote your Instagram account in the most efficient way.

If you prefer to promote your account by hashtags, our service will find all users, who use at least one hashtag from your list. Then it will put likes or follow such users.
To organize Instagram account promotion in the most efficient way, first of all,you need to define the hashtags used by your prospect customers and specify them on the settings.
We recommend to specify at list 10 hashtags, each of which should allow to find at least 5000 posts. The term
“post” means any photo or video content published on .
You need to understand what hashtags are more popular among your customers. If you specify only one or two hashtags allowing to find several thousands posts the service will process all users in several days, requiring you to add new hashtags to continue promotion. Generally, there are far fewer unique users when compared to the number of unique posts, as one user can apply the same hashtag to different publications.
Having selected the hashtags, try to find out who use them and how often. Use Instagram service (application or web-based version) to do some research.
We have discussed the example with online toy shop in our previous article. Let’s consider this example once more.
As we need the hashtags used by prospect customers with children, let’s consider the following examples: #daughter, #son, #mybaby, #myson, #mydaughter, etc.
Go to Instagram web page. Sign up with your Instagram account and enter a selected hashtag into the search box.Search results for #daughter
are shown below:

The number of posts will be shown below: more than 1,5 million posts.
Instagram will offer you additional similar hashtags. Undoubtedly, it is a very useful option.
Then click enter and examine the search results provided by Instagram:

We can see that most posts are made by real users, parents, and prospects customers. If you specify this hashtag on your settings tab, the service will find all those users, like their posts, or follow them. Some of those users will follow you in their turn, or even buy your product.
The same search can be done with Instagram application.
You can do this simple research to find more hashtags.

Although our service allows to ignore business accounts and to eliminate about 80% of such accounts and bots, we recommend you not to use so called “commercial hashtags”, provided that you are not engaged in B2B sales.
Let’s consider another example. We need to attract the users interested in clothes for children. However, #childrenclothes hashtag won’t bring us any useful results, as it is used by many other similar online shops. Our prospect customers, for example young moms, won’t use this hashtag with their posts.

If to do Instagram search using such hashtag, we will obtain the following results:

Lots of our users make the same mistake. To avoid the problems with unsuitable hashtags, try to think as your customers.

If you are operating in B2B sector, then you can benefit from commercial hashtags, as they allow to attract B2B customers.
Let’s imagine, you are managing a B2B company, selling professional cosmetics and associated products via the Internet. Your customers are beauty salons and individual entrepreneurs, who offer manicure, pedicure, makeup services. To search for your target audience, it would be better to use such hashtags as #nails, #manicure, # beautysalons, etc.
Enter one of those hashtags into the search box and you will find thousand consumers of professional cosmetics.In this case, make sure you are not using “Exclude business accounts” option.

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