Instagram shuts down popular IG bot service. Why does Instagram do this?

What's happened?

Earlier this year Instagram launched a campaign against mass following, likes boosting, and delayed posting services. This has caused a panic among those who promote their personal and commercial Instagram accounts, as mass following service has always been, and still remains the most efficient and cheap technique, used to attract new followers.

How did it start?

Instagress, one of the most popular Instagram promotion service in the US, shut down in April, 2017. Like Do Insta, Instagress was an automated mass liking and mass following service. Its shutdown shocked thousands of users, who started to search for alternatives. Commenting its shutdown, Instagress claimed that Instagram had forced it to stop its operations.

A month later, some more popular delayed posting and promotion services, such as Massplanner, Fanharvest, Peerboost, and Instaplus.io, shut down too. Details still remain unknown: all sites state that they have been closed at Instagram’s request.

It’s worth to note that all these services had operated in the territory of the USA under local legislation. That’s why Instagram had little difficulty to close them.

Why does Instagram do this?

It is likely that Instagram tries to shut down mass following services, pushing forward its own in-built targeted advertising tools.

However, this promotion method is very costly and cannot deliver immediate results, unlike automated promotion services. It fits better for major companies. All the rest benefit from convenient and cheap mass following and mass liking services, which allow to attract live users.

What’s next?

Do Insta service operates as usual. To provide uninterrupted and reliable services, we immediately adjust to all new Instagram requirements and take timely measures to ensure continuous operation of Do Insta’s Instagram bot.

If you are not a Do Insta user yet, or you are searching for a worthy alternative to Instagress, join us right now! We offer 3-day free access to each new account with unlimited functionality.

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