Instagram limits

Anyone who has used automated Instagram promotion just once knows about “limits”, “action limits”, “admissible Instagram limits”, etc.

In this post we are going to dive into the details and tell you about various types of limits.

What are the limits?

Limits mean the restrictions on actions an account can make during an hour imposed by Instagram. Limits prevent the users from liking millions of photos and following thousands of users a day. The same limits prevent accounts from getting too much followers a day.

There are limits for Likes, Follow/Unfollow, Comments, etc. an account can make during a certain period of time.

To be precise, initially, limits have been imposed on Instagram apps, with which automated promotion services communicate and via which promoted accounts perform actions. In theory, one may add two apps and thus double the number of admissible actions.

What limits exist?

Since recently Instagram began to impose the limits not only on apps, but on promoted accounts too. In particularly, these limits affected unfollowing. It was possible to unfollow 3000 users for 24 hours a few months ago. Now this number ranges from 350 to 500 users, i.e. it has decreased by 6 times. This has seriously affected the promotion campaigns, as one needs to initiate unfollowing having reached 7500 following limit.

As for likes and follows, our service provides a possibility to like 1000 accounts (posts) and to follow 1000 users a day.

Surely, one can perform even more actions. However, this will jeopardize the security of your account.

We should also mention about 7500 following limit.

Instagram prevent anyone from following more than 7500 users. This restriction affects promotion rates, as a user needs to initiate unfollowing having reached the following limit. This is the answer to the question: “Why do we need to unfollow Instagram accounts?”

When unfollowing, a user can put only likes, which provide only 20% growth (see here for more details).

In conclusion we should say that the limits are inevitable. However, they undermine effective promotion campaigns. Our service offers safe limits to be used to eliminate possible account bans.

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