Problem with performing likes

Dear Doinsta’s users!
Now we can observe a problem with performing likes: some of the accounts were temporarily blocked from liking, the other ones were blocked from doing it entirely.
The main cause of the problem is connected with the latest changes in Instagram’s working algorithm used against the services like Doinsta. It’s a global problem that affected not only our service but other Instagram promotion services too.
Now our programmists are analyzing the latest Instagram’s changes and do their best to solve this problem to let you continue the promotion with performing likes efficiently.
We recommend you to run only following option now as it works properly and brings you about 80% of all new followers in contrast to likes which bring just 20%.
We will keep you inform about this issue. Thank you for the understanding.
We would also like to pay your attention that the time of support specialists’ respond can be prolonged because of increased amount of requests.