The most efficient way to promote Instagram account: customer story of success

Instagram's popularity is growing day by day. The number of registered users raised beyond 10 million solely in Russia. Entrepreneurs consider the advantages this social media can offer to promote their business. Surely, Instagram possesses enormous potential, but one should use it in a right way.

In this article we will disclose the secrets of Instagram account promotion using the story of our customer, who owns eyelash extension salon.

Starting point

Our customer decided to open an eyelash extension salon about a year and a half ago. The salon started to operate and soon gained some popularity. Initially, the owner has been sceptical of looking for the new clients via Instagram, as the service allows to post only photos and entraining content, and there are a lot of private accounts. But what about commercial ones?

So the hero of our story decided to create an account and started with the following steps:

Account creation. First of all, he created an account, filled in the details, including address, phone number to be used to book a visit to the salon, and web site.

Content plan. Account owner developed a plan, which required him to make 2-3 posts a day. A morning post involved entertaining content, all other posts were made during the daytime and offered the photos of eyelash artists. Each photo was followed by proper description and relevant hashtags, which could be used to find the account (for example, #eyelashextentions)

Continuous account improvement. It has become clear from the beginning that Instagram requires its users to work with their accounts on a daily basis. Potential customers either unfollow the account, or turn to the competitors in the absence of new posts, replies on comments and direct messages. However, the other extreme can also create much troubles: too many annoying posts may irritate the followers as well.

So, there was account with some followers, mainly loyal customers. And our customer decided to increase the number of followers, i.e. the number of customers.

It appears that there are a lot of ways to increase the number of followers! Our customer decided to try some of them to understand which were the most efficient ones. The results surprisingly differed. We will tell about them the the next part of this article.

Quickest way to get more followers

Initially the customer chose the easiest way to get 3000 new followers. At first glance all those followers seemed to be real ones. However, about half of them were bots (sometimes, they were empty new accounts created to provide the users with more followers.) Another 25% of followers were foreign accounts. And only the rest part seemed to be real users from Russia. However, even they did not generate any profit, as they were from various locales, and thus were not interested in specific services provided by the business.

In fact, this way of promotion provided our customer with additional number of untargeted followers, and thus did not bring any tangible results. This way of promotion appeared to be a waste of money.

Besides, our customer noted that Instagram had deleted the greater part of t followers attracted in this way by blocking the suspicious accounts.

Promotion agency

After the first negative experience the owner of the salon decided to take a different tack. He believed it was reliable and reasonable to contact a specialized digital agency. The agency promised him to attract about 2000 real followers. A month later, when the job had been completed and there were no any positive results in terms of additional profit, it appeared that all followers were “fake”, preliminary consisting of bots. The agency did the same thing as our customer had done earlier.

Bloggers and popular publics

Then it was decided to try paid ads in blogs. The customer found several Instagram users with 20-50 followers able to publish paid content. Aside from agreed fees, female bloggers were offered free eyelash extensions procedures. This approach delivered rather good results. The bloggers managed to attract real users, who were converted into real customers (bloggers published content with promo codes, which allowed to obtain discounts and which were used to track the traffic from corresponding accounts).

Ads in publics worked the same way. Our customer placed paid content in local publics, which also generated real Instagram followers and new customers.

Despite this approach was very effective, it was very expensive, time consuming and offered low commercial return.

Automated promotion

Finally, after all attempts the entrepreneur contact us. He had chosen our service us as we offered a 3 day trial period. Consequently, he was able to assess our automated promotion service without investing a single penny.

He selected the following options: likes and following by competitors (he had made a list of 15 competitors in advance). He set up the service to like 1000 posts and follow 1000 users. He also used a filter to exclude bots and commercial accounts and set a number of likes per user. It took him 15 minutes to tune up the app, although he had never done it before.

Our customer was pleased with 3-day trial period. He got about 80 new followers and they were all real users, as he began to receive new direct messages and new comments. Later he selected one reliable and less expensive promotion technique. As a result, monthly follower growth made 1600-1900 users.


Now, our customer is able to attract 50 new customers each month solely thanks to Instagram account. In turn, our service takes on the task of attracting the target audience. Our customer spends about $20 per month to pay for our service, while his account generates about $2000.

We wish you successful promotion!

If you already use our service, if you have reached good results and want to share your story of success, please, write us to info@doinsta.com. We will tell your story with great pleasure.

Remember, you pay $15 per month to promote one Instagram account. But at first, you may try our service for free during first 3 days (if you have already done it, but are not sure you need it, write us to support@doinsta.com or fill in the feedback form on our web site. Our support team will contact you to offer another trial period.)

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