User friendly content: 10 ways to make your account better

There are thousands of commercial accounts on Instagram, each one seeking for the ways to attract target audience, followers, and, thus, expand customer base. But what should a commercial account do to cut through the clutter, attract new followers, and retain existing ones?

Let’s imagine a situation: you are selling goods or services through Instagram. Searching for the new customers, you launched automated promotion campaign. It seems that you have done everything correctly: adjusted the settings, found the competitors, whose followers you are going to attract. But all your efforts resulted in nothing! You failed to get new followers and likes. Your sales do not grow and you run out of steam.

What is the biggest cause for failure? We have performed many experiments and now we can say exactly that the cause for failure roots in content, namely in its quality. If your content is unattractive and boring, you won’t get any visible results, no matter what ways you use to promote your account.

In this post we will tell you about 10 ways to improve your Instagram content and to stand out of your competitors.

Don’t create shop-windows like accounts

We believe you have met the accounts with items shot on a floor or a white ground or simply uploaded from online-shops. We doubt that potential customers will buy such items, as it is rather difficult to understand how they look like in real life.

Diversify your content: demonstrate goods worn or used by other people, share your ideas, demonstrate the ways the items can be combined. See the examples below to understand the difference between boring shop-windows like accounts and accounts which are really interesting to people.

Both accounts offer similar goods. However, the photo on the left looks common and a user will likely scroll it away without even noticing. The photo on the right will attract more attention thanks to eye catching details, matched colors and carefully designed composition.

Find your own style

Instagram is a social network focused on visual content (photos and videos as well). Even if you are selling five-star products but unable to present it, all efforts will lead to nothing, as most Instagram users are searching for perfect images there.

Analyze your account from the perspective of your potential customers. Imagine, what a user will do if he or she visits your account. Will he or she be interested in your products from the first second. Will he or she go further and look through all your posts?

There are a lot of tips how to create perfect photos, develop a unique style, use colors and compositions. But nobody will provide you with all-in-one advice. You need to experiment, search for you own style, analyze the posts in terms of likes and comments. If the content you have posted two weeks ago now seems irrelevant or uninteresting to you, you are in the right way. Think about the improvements you can introduce to your account daily.

See the examples of some awesome unique accounts below:

If you sell something, don’t forget to post various content, not only items you are offering. This may be your personal stories, stories about your business or hobbies. Make friends with your followers. People like “live” accounts, and they will trust your goods or services, if they trust you.

Choose the right description

Of course we understand that the main purpose of any account is to boost sales. However, a customer should be eager to buy a thing. So, your task is to make a customer to buy it from you, i.e. to apply inconspicuous promotion technique.

Let’s consider two different descriptions. The first one is: “Ash suede and fur booties – our best sellers! Straight high heels, dark blue noble color, as perfect as can be! The brand is admired by thousands of fashionistas. Even Madonna worn famous Ash hi-heel sneakers at her shows”. The second description is: “ASH booties, all sizes, to order, please, contact us via Viber”.

The first description sounds more catching. We image ourselves wearing those boots, we want to look like Madonna. The second one is completely unappealing, nothing but bare facts. Try to create interesting descriptions. Tell about your goods as if you are speaking with your friends and you will receive necessary feedback.

Customize your account

When working with content, do not forget to customize your account.

Create perfectly sounding name (do not use first and second names for commercial accounts, or use them in connection to your business or hobby, for example irina.cakes). If you own a shop, a beauty salon, etc., choose an account name closer to its name (note, preferred account names may be occupied.)

Specify the type of your activity or business in user name box. User name is showed in bold and plays an important role as it is used for search purposes. But be careful, users may ignore another “eyelash extension” follower and won’t provide you with any feedback. We recommend you to try and test various user names. For example, if you sell staff for design and decoration, try to use “hangers, lamps, shelves, mirrors” description during the first week, and the next week change it to “The best ideas for interior design”. Track the records. Find out what description generates more followers and orders.

Specify a web site if you have one. It may be a link to your personal web site, blog, Facebook group, i.e. any resource that may provide additional information about you.

Instagram user shall understand what business you are engaged in from the first glance. Remember: it takes 5 seconds for a user to assess the account, manage this opportunity correctly. The examples of plain and smart descriptions are provided below:

Explore every avenue

Use new promotion tools like “Stories” to post photos and short videos, demonstrate new arrivals, business processes, team work, etc. Your followers will know you better and you will improve their loyalty. Remember, your post will be deleted automatically in 24 hours.

Create an atmosphere

The notion “atmosphere” is somewhat vague, like “style”. For example, let’s take two bloggers with equal number of followers. Then why is one able to get 1000 likes per photo, while another - 3000 likes with lots of comments and his photo appears in “Recommended” feed?

This is because of an atmosphere. One blogger is able to create it, while another is not. Let’s consider the account of Irina Gorbacheva. At the moment she has more than 1.8 mln. followers. Initially, Irina began to make viral videos. Followers shared those videos and enabled brisk growth of Irina’s account popularity.

Let’s examine another example. One Russian brand publishes both photos of clothes and photos made during the trips, which reflect brand concept. Followers positively respond to such initiative. They start to create their own content, knowing that they can appear in favorite brand’s account.

Find your own schtick, be frank, when sharing important content with your followers, stir up their interest, and you will certainly get a feedback.


Instagram allows to post 60-second videos. Use this tool to promote your account.

For example, if you own a pet grooming salon, you can make a video showing dog grooming process. If you are a hair stylist, you can make a video with hair dressing tips. Use videos to answer frequently asked questions. This tool allows you to grow closer to your followers, improving their loyalty and trust.

Improve engagement

High engagement indicates that your followers trust you and wait with impatience for your posts, i.e. they are interested in your goods and services. Provoke discussions with your followers, ask for their opinion (offer them to choose one of two images, logos, names, etc.), offer topics for discussions, ask questions and provide comments.

Keep in touch

Don’t forget to accompany your content with contact information for potential customers. You can provide suitable contacts at the end of each description, or in your profile. Your customers can reach you by phone, via e-mail, social media, web site (use a clickable link). Don’t use only one contact, offer your customer an alternative.

Instagram also offers its users an opportunity to switch to business profile. To do it, move to settings and choose “Switch to business profile” option (don’t forget to link your account to a page on Facebook). You will get “Contact” button on your page.

Publication frequency

Publication frequency depends on the type of account and area of business activity.

A user may post content once every three days, or post photos 6-7 times a day and be equally popular among loyal and engaged followers.

You can define reasonable publication frequency for your account by trials and errors. For example, start to post one photo every two-tree days, and then three photos a day, and measure the number of likes and comments.

Good content as a way to get in “Recommended”

Don’t forget to use “Recommended” option to increase the number of followers (a tab represented by magnifying glass). Whether you hit “Recommended” or not depends on the quality of your content. If your post has got a lot of likes, views, and comments very quickly, then it can become available to the friends of your followers and so on.

In case your content is getting popular too quickly, you can hit Top9.


Finally, we would like to say that Instagram promotion largely depends on the quality of content. Two different accounts from the same business area promoted with the same mass following technique with the help of the same service can get different number of followers. This is due to different approaches to content creation.

To make maximum use of all Instagram capabilities, it is necessary to:

— develop own style every day

— make friends with your followers

— offer clear descriptions and plain ordering procedure

— use all tools from video to Stories

And above all, do not forget to experiment, search for effective ways to promote your account, and be a cut above of your competitors!

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