What should you do if Instagram has temporarily blocked your follow/like actions?

Instagram can block some actions for a while if they suspect automatic account promotion is used. In most cases this is caused by using “Follow” option to heavily.
It is more likely that your account will be blocked, if you are a new account less than a month old but have followers (up to 1000).
This is done as follows: when trying to follow someone, you will get a pop-up message.

The service will not allow you to proceed with this action.
If you are promoting your account with our service, you will get the following notification.

By trying to follow someone after you've been blocked, you will extend the blocking period.
The question is:
What should you do if your actions have been blocked and how can you avoid this in the future?
We have prepared some useful recommendations for you in this regard, which will help you to eliminate such shortfalls:

  • Use only one promotion service.
    Do not use several promotion services, as this will cause you to exceed the total daily action limit and your account will be surely blocked, or even deleted. We also recommend that you not sign in and use your account while using automatic promotion.
  • Pause the promotion.
    Stop automatic promotion (click “Pause” button) and do not follow other Instagram users manually. After your account/actions are unblocked, wait for another two days. For example, if Instagram notifies you that your account will be blocked till Wednesday, then you should wait till Friday.
  • Linkage with other social networks.
    Tie you Instagram account to as many other social networks as possible. This is a key point.
  • Post regularly.
    Start to make posts (post at least once in two days).
  • Verify your phone number.
    Specify your mobile phone number in your Instagram profile.
  • Verify your e-mail.
    Follow the link contained in a message sent to your Instagram e-mail address, to verify your e-mail address.
  • Fill in your profile.
    Fill in your Instagram profile and add description.
  • Reduce the number of actions.
    Make less than 200-350 follows a day during a week or so, gradually increasing this number to the maximum (to 1000 followings). Use additional settings tab to configure this parameter.

You will be able to avoid blockings if you follow these rules. If you observed all of these eight rules, but your account had been blocked once more after unblocking, please, follow the same rule and wait not for two days, but a while longer. It is difficult to say how much time you have to wait, as Instagram applies individual requirements to different accounts.
We should also note that blocking notification provided by our service already contains the allowance for additional two days. For example, if Instagram blocks your account till Wednesday, our service will send a notification that your account has been blocked till Friday.

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