What to do if Instagram offers to reset your password?

When trying to register your Instagram account with our service, or in the course of account promotion, it may happen that Instagram offers to reset your password. In this case, you will receive the following e-mail:

We detected some suspicious activity that suggests your Instagram account may have been compromised. Don't worry, we've taken measures to secure your account. As a result, we need you to reset your password, using the links below:
Reset your password using a web browser: https://instagram.com/accounts/password/reset/confirm/...
-The Instagram Team”

The reason is that our service promotes your account on behalf of you using an IP addresses which differs from those used by you (IP address is a numeric address used to indicate the location of a computer or other device on a network).
For example, you can access Instagram using a smartphone with an IP address indicating your current location, while our service will use another IP, indicating that we are located in another place. Instagram, like many other services, can detect this difference and actuates the mechanism that prevents accounts from gettiing hacked. The service will automatically offer to reset your password.
There is nothing wrong with that, and nothing endangers the safety of your account. All you need to do is follow the link provided in the e-mail and create a new password.

  • If this problem has occurred, when registering your account with our service, then reset your Instagram password and try to add your account to our service once more;
  • If you have received password reset notification after the account promotion has been started, then create a new Instagram password and re-enter it in the corresponding field in your DOInsta profile.
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