Service Guide

1. Register
Enter valid email address and password. Check your mail, and click the link to complete the registration.
2. Add Instagram account
Specify login and password from your Instagram account.
Make sure that your Instagram email address is a real one and that it is working, before you enter your login and password.
Occasionally, Instagram resets the passwords automatically. A link to change a password will be sent to a valid Instagram email address.
If your account is not linked to the email address, and Instagram has reset your password, you won’t be able to access your account any more.
Why do we need your login and password?
– We need your data to use Instagram API. In simple terms, we need them to act on behalf of your account.
Is it safe? Would my account be blocked?
– Yes, it’s absolutely safe, if you follow our recommendations.
3. Configure promotion settings
Select actions
Select actions (like, follow, unfollow), to be performed by our service. You can configure settings for each action.
DO INSTA uses official Instagram API that limits maximum number of likes, followings, unfollowings per account per day.
We track all changes carefully and do not exceed fixed limits.
Why do I need to use "unfollow" option?
– Instagram prohibits users with less then 100,000 followers from following more than 7,500 accounts. For this reason, you should enable "unfollow" option, when DO INSTA will reach the limit, in order to have a possibility to follow other users in future.
Select promotion method
by hashtags
Define hashtags, using which DO INSTA will choose posts and users to work with.
by user’s followers
Define a list of Instagram users, with whose followers DO INSTA will work.
by user’s followings
Define a list of Instagram users, with whose followings DO INSTA will work.
Select the number of likes per user
You can define the number of times for DO INSTA to like one user during 24 hours by setting "Select the number of likes per user".
For example, if you enter “5”, then DO INSTA will like the same user not more that 5 times a day.
What for?
Instagram limits the maximum number of actions to perform. For example, not more than 1,000 likes a day are available for you. That’s why the less actions are allowed to be performed with regard to one user, the more users will see your page.
Configure filtering
Filter by followers
DO INSTA will like and follow the accounts with a definite number of followers.
Filter by followings
DO INSTA will like and follow the accounts with a definite number of followings.
Additional settings
List of hashtags
Specify the hashtags for DO INSTA to find posts.
List of users
Specify the users, with whose followers/followings DO INSTA will work
4. Click «Start»!
And watch, how the number of your followers is growing.
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